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Hywel Curtis about hywelHello and welcome to my website. My name is Hywel Curtis and I’m a content strategist specialising in helping organisations in the science and technology sectors.

I show companies how to turn their online presence into a core business asset, and develop a strategy and working approaches to benefit from it for the long-term.

As a forward-looking business, I believe that the key to your sustained growth online is effective content strategy – taking control of the information on your website, ensuring it is perfectly matched to your audience and aligned to meet your business goals, and then building on this foundation to develop a workflow and a following that will improve everything you do.

As business operations like manufacturing and research become faster and more decentralised, and the world becomes increasingly connected and digitised, having a genuine conversation with your market online is becoming both much harder and far more important to your lasting success. Please get in touch if you would like to talk about how you can meet these challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities through content strategy.

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